Autumnal Family Photoshoot

Cathryn contacted me a while ago to arrange a family photoshoot for her parents in honour of their wedding anniversary. Getting family members together in one place can be tricky and we had to move the date from summertime to early November. As the day approached, I was a little concerned that the weather and availability of natural light would be against us but, as it happens, we were completely blessed with a super warm November day (one of the sunniest on record) and were able to make full use of the pretty Autumnal foliage. I really enjoy photographing families on location and so it seems do the youngest family members, who always feel a lot happier in familiar surroundings, especially when we can be outside enjoying the fresh air. The many smiles and laughter to camera prove it! Making use of Cathryn's large mustard-yellow plush velvet seater, we first captured a gorgeous indoors family photograph before stepping outside near the family home and taking some very natural lifestyle images of the family altogether and then in their immediate family groups. 

If you'd also love a family lifestyle photoshoot this Autumn or next Spring, please contact Sarah who'll send you our package details. Our framed prints and canvases make amazing, cherished, personal gifts or artwork for your home.

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