Sam & Nathan: Norwood Park Wedding

Sam & Nathan: Norwood Park Wedding

When Sam and Nathan came for their engagement photoshoot and we talked through their wedding day plans, I knew it was going to be an epic and rather special affair. Choosing quality details was really important to them both - so for example, each guest was simply but generously gifted a small bottle of Lanson Champagne, which decorated the reception tables at Norwood Park in Southwell. Nathan designed Sam's stunning engagement ring with local Nottingham wedding jewellers Temprell and he also followed suit with the wedding bands... creating bespoke and meaningful rings for both him and Sam, who also chose diamond and sapphire bridal jewellery for her 'something blue'. 

Another Nottingham company, designer Paul Smith, provided the groomsmen's accessories to coordinate with their blue Reiss suits, ensuring they all looked 'the business'. They certainly arrived at St Mary's Church in Arnold in style, as Nathan had chosen a rather impressive Bentley 'groom's car', which we heard approaching the church before we saw it! And last but not least deserving of a mention, are Sam's much coveted Louboutin shoes, made into an even more romantic gift as Nathan drove a very long way to make sure she got the shoes of her dreams, and then made the trip again to make sure the colour was just what she wanted! 

We captured their wedding from morning through to evening and the mild weather allowed us to make full use of Norwood Park's gardens for photographs, although we also made time for two indoor photographs that have become Mirror Imaging classics: the full-length dress photograph on Norwood's staircase and the couple in dancing embrace in the main hallway. The finale of their wedding was a fantastic firework display by Galaxy Fireworks, which provided us an opportunity to create one of my now all-time favourite images, which also happened to be the last photograph of the night.

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