Clare & Stefan

Saturday 9th August 2014

All Hallow's Church in Gedling and Tom Brown's Brasserie in Gunthorpe


"Seeing the photographs on the blog for the first time was surreal as I could not believe it was us and our wedding. All the quirky aspects Sarah had captured beautifully - and there was a flawless finish to them that was beyond perfect. 

The engagement shoot was brilliant because it made me realise that I actually can take a nice photograph. I loved that Sarah was honest and won't move on until the best shot is taken, it gave me confidence for the big day. 

Did I feel Mirror Imaging Photography went above and beyond on the day? I don't think I will be able to do justice to this question. The answer is without a doubt yes! Firstly, my Mum is always nervous about people entering her house and she felt instantly relaxed with Sarah and Susan's professional approach. She felt they blended in, which made her relax. Secondly, I will never forget Susan's help with my lipstick disaster (which she continued to help with throughout the day) and her help with my dress. I didn't realise how important it was to me to have a female photographer until the day; it made all the difference. 

Our friends and family could not have been more complimentary as well. They are the most beautiful collection of wedding photographs I have ever seen (of course I am biased!). Our wedding making it into an edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine says it all!

Sarah and Susan were amazing and made our day more special by being a part of it."


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